Why the Wealthy Should Invest in Real Estate

It almost goes without saying that the investment markets have become more and more esoteric and arcane over the years – and, probably not coincidentally, more volatile. Even the wealthiest investors of the late 20th century had no use for nor idea of such abstruse investment vehicles as collateralized debt obligations and conditional variance swaps….

Open Letter to Real Estate Sponsors: Investors Deserve Better Quarterly Reports

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn and is reprinted with permission from the author. The following is a guest post from Mark Robertson, a professional investor who is personally invested in over 50 offerings, and the founder of an independent due diligence firm, CrowdDD. In this post, Mark is addressing issues many investors face when working…

Can the Future of Multifamily Investing Really be Predicted?

It’s been a point of faith for at least a decade now that this particular generation of Americans won’t be as prosperous as its parents were. (Even though a decade is about half a generation.) Many now take it as common knowledge that even the most basic manifestation of the American Dream – a house…

How to Lower Vacancies in Multifamily Residential Property

Or if you’re a glass-half-full person, How to Increase Occupancy in Multifamily Residential Property. You know how every folk axiom has an inverse? For instance, “The pen is mightier than the sword”/”Actions speak louder than words”. Or “Haste makes waste”/”He who hesitates is lost.” There’s one proverb that doesn’t. A stitch in time saves nine….

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