Benefits of Passive Multifamily Investing

For a professional real estate investment firm, multifamily investing can be a challenging yet rewarding way to earn one’s livelihood. There are locations to assess, studies to undertake, business plans and financial models to write and refine, contractors to hire, and capital expenses to pay, all with the eventual goal of building a lasting means…

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate vs. The Stock Market

The hardest thing about investing is that it forces us to acknowledge our human limitations. Being merely mortal, we can’t predict the future. Most of us can barely predict the present. So what’s an investor to do? You could be judicious to a fault and put your investment dollars exclusively into Treasury Securities (Today’s rate…

The Effects of Rising Interest Rates on Cap Rates

When the Federal Reserve began reducing interest rates to nanoscopic levels, it seemed as though the strategy would only be needed for a brief period. Presumably, low interest rates would temporarily encourage people to spend; even though the United States is already unusual in that its consumers have a negative savings rate – spending all they…

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