Real Estate: What To Look For In A Market Now

After a roller coaster year and a half, which has changed what many people thought they knew about the economy, investing, real estate and life in America, many may be wondering where the best markets are to invest now. When it comes to real estate, much less has changed than many onlookers expected. Though there…

32 Million Homes Face Potential Hurricane Damage This Year

Analytics firm CoreLogic says 32M homes in the US are at risk of hurricane damage this year. What does that mean for real estate investors? Disaster Season June to November each year brings the most active natural disaster season in the US. In addition to hurricanes, there is flooding, tornadoes and wildfires. Hurricane Elsa was…

Where Rents Are Rising & Falling The Most

  Where are rental rates rising and falling the most in America? What difference does it make for investors? The latest data shows an incredibly disparate US rental market, with some cities experiencing declining rents, and others showing great growth. How might this data impact investment decisions now? The Improving Rental Property Market While landlords…

Home Buyers Now Think It’s A Bad Time To Buy A House

77% of those surveyed say that they don’t think this is a good time to buy a house. According to the latest National Housing Survey by Fannie Mae, confidence in this being a good time to buy a home has hit an all-time low. Millions may have been driven to buy over the past year…

With The Eviction Ban Over, What’s Next For Property Investors?

A federal judge overturned the national eviction ban in May 2021. What are the next moves for property investors now? An end to the national eviction moratorium is great news for all real estate investors. It is a move that once again returns confidence to the market, and opens up the regular flow of business…

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