Top Factors Influencing The Real Estate Market In 2022

How is the US housing market shaping up for 2022? It’s time to start strategizing investment moves and restructuring portfolios for the 2022 market. So, what key factors are shaping up to be influential and what effects are they likely to have? The New World Of Work We are now seeing the largest companies in…

New Taxes On Unrealized Gains & The Investment Strategies To Apply Now

A newly proposed annual tax on unrealized investment gains has been floated as a way to pay for the new $3.5T infrastructure bill. How might it change the best investment strategies? Taxes, Taxes, Taxes It has already been a long year of new taxes, tax hikes, and even more tax proposals. As well as attempts…

It’s Time To Stop Missing Out On The Huge Gains In Real Estate

Tired of missing out on the huge gains in the real estate market? This incredible bull run in real estate seems far from over yet. Even for those not already kicking themselves for missing out on strong double-digit gains over the past year, inflation, taxes, and other factors are likely to drive this trend through…

How To Protect Your Investment Property Portfolio From Wildfires

Every year California seems to be hit with yet another record breaking wildfire season. It is just a part of living in and owning property in much of the Golden State. As these disasters escalate in frequency, volume and severity, it often seems to be a case of not if you’ll be impacted, but just…

Why Real Estate Investors Are Still So Bullish On Income Properties

Why are real estate investors still so bullish on investing in income properties with all of the rumors of an eviction crisis in the news? If you tune into the news media every day, it’s hard not to see all the doom and gloom about the state of the housing market. There are politicians asking…

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