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FBI, DOJ Crackdown On Real Estate Software Companies 

After the recent lawsuits against the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the government seems to have big real estate tech companies in their sights.  Under pressure to address the lack of affordable housing in America, and perhaps to drum up more finances, the Department Of Justice seems to have turned its eyes on the monopolization…

How Important Are Local Economic Fundamentals?

We’ve heard real estate investing is all about ‘location, location, location’. So, just how important are local economic fundamentals when it comes to selecting the smartest places to invest? Nationally, there appear to be varying diverging trends and statistics around the property market. Housing prices are reportedly still up. Even to the point of breaking…

Real Estate Stocks Vs. Private Equity Funds Vs. Being A Landlord

Real estate is an essential part of every individual, family, and corporate financial plan. The big question many have today is what’s the best way to invest in it? Reality DIY shows may make house flipping and being a landlord seem glamorous. Tech convenience and new apps can make the ease of investing and robo…

Distressed Real Estate Operators Offer A Buffet Of Value 

  More distressed properties are becoming available, and offer great value opportunities for those that have prepared to take advantage of them.  We are at an interesting moment in the market, when inflation has kept rents and prices high, yet, there are also many discount investment opportunities to be had.  Distressed Sales Make A Comeback…

Opportunistic Plays In Today’s Housing Market

Even if you don’t buy into all the hype about how strong and sustainable the US economy is right now, there are fantastic opportunities in the real estate market.  We are seeing more discounts and more negotiability with sellers than have been available in a long time. At the same time, it is true that…


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