The Two ROIs: Don’t Invest Until You Read This

Are you overlooking the most important factor in evaluating that investment? There’s a critical mistake that most investors make. It’s an easy one to miss. It will make all the difference in long term finances and wealth. It can dramatically impact how much you have to work, how much you have to sacrifice out of…


  Brian Burke, president and CEO of Praxis Capital, Inc., was a guest on the How to Lose Money wealth-building podcast.  As a recognized real estate expert, Brian has been a frequent speaker at real estate forums and conferences, including the Opal Family Office & Private Wealth Management forum, the Keiretsu Forum, and the Institute…

Why the Wealthy Should Invest in Real Estate

It almost goes without saying that the investment markets have become more and more esoteric and arcane over the years – and, probably not coincidentally, more volatile. Even the wealthiest investors of the late 20th century had no use for nor idea of such abstruse investment vehicles as collateralized debt obligations and conditional variance swaps….

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