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Securing Your Income As The Unemployment Bubble Swells

Income and jobs continued to be under threat. What can be done to secure your income to get through this next phase of the economy? 500% Rise In Unemployment Claims For Former Top Earners  According to a recent report from Bloomberg, top income earners have been behind a new 500% surge in unemployment claims. There…

Bank Of America Customers Withdraw $2.3B In Stocks In Just One Week

Bank of America customers rushed to exit stocks and pull out their money in a big way last week. It seems that America is finally waking up to the reality of the situation, and where we are in the economic cycle. The big question now is where to put that money. The Runs On Banks…

How To Survive A Financial Crisis

The media is still trying very hard to convince everyone that the financial system is in great shape. Which is normally a huge red flag on its own.  Meanwhile a new survey covered by Yahoo shows that 70% of Americans feel they are already in a new recession. With 55% saying they fear that they…

The New Banking Meltdown Brings Incredible Deals For Investors

Can you imagine buying the biggest bank in Silicon Valley for just $1.22? That’s effectively what HSBC just did when it bought SVB’s UK business after their recent failure.  In spite of all the efforts to declare things are different this time around it’s looking a lot like the Great Recession 2.0 out there. This…

Behind The Headlines: The Reality Of The Housing Market Now

The media loves throwing up big headlines about business, finance, and the housing market. Though there is a lot more to the stories behind the headlines, and the click bait titles thrown up on the web. So, what is really happening out there? What isn’t being covered or said? Is it another financial apocalypse? If…


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