The 8 Most Important Factors In Flipping An Apartment Building

Buying and selling apartment buildings can be incredibly profitable. What factors are the most important for a speedy and profitable turn around? 1. Property Performance General property and cash flow performance is probably the biggest factor. It will greatly impact the value and how your end buyer can structure the deal. If you’ve entered a…

Why Millennials Should Do This Before Buying A Home Or Paying Off Student Loans

Whether you are getting a nice paycheck working at one of the tech giants or have recently sold your own startup for millions of dollars, invest first.  Before paying off your student loans or buying a home to live in, the most important thing to do is invest.  The Old Versus New Economy We aren’t…

Investing In Airbnb Properties Vs. Multifamily Apartments

Is investing in annual apartment rentals or short term stay Airbnb units better?  Airbnb seems to be an increasingly appealing choice for smaller and amateur investors who are lured in by the higher daily rents. Others aren’t convinced it’s a better deal.  The Pros & Cons of Airbnb as an Investment  The promise of high…

Cashing Out Stock Options: Where To Put Your Wealth Now

Have stocks to cash out? What do you do with that money now? There appears to be a substantial if not record number of startup founders and workers who are enjoying massive wealth creation in either exiting their companies or accumulated value in stock options in the face of an anticipated acquisition or IPO. The…

Opportunistic vs. Value Add vs. Core Property Investments

What’s your real estate investment strategy?  Core, value add and opportunistic are all terms that refer to real estate investing strategies. It’s smart to know how they differ and the role they can play in your portfolio, to make sure you are investing with the right team.  How do they differ? What are their pros…

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