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Getting Started in Real Estate and Raising Money

Getting Started in Real Estate

Brian Burke, President and CEO of Praxis Capital, recently had the opportunity to be interviewed on the prestigious Bigger Pockets Podcast to share his knowledge of real estate investing.

He shares the strategies he uses to flip over 100 houses per year, and talks about how you can use the same techniques that he does to raise money for your next real estate deal.

Brian discusses:

  • How he got started in real estate investing with no money, no experience, and with limited connections.
  • How losing money on early deals helped Brian learn tough lessons that transformed the way he approaches risk.
  • How you can be taken seriously in the business world when you look 15 years old. (Don’t miss this funny part of the interview.)
  • Why dealing with sellers is Brian’s least favorite strategy for real estate investing.
  • Differing opinions regarding the use of credit cards to finance real estate.
  • Why raising private capital is one of the most important tasks for an investor.
  • Tips for raising private capital.
  • How Brian funds dozens of acquisitions per month.
  • Using property managers to gain inside information.
  • One piece of advice that new investors must know.
  • Using partners to invest in real estate.

To learn about these tips for getting started in real estate investing and raising money, please listen to the Bigger Pockets Podcast interview with Brian.

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