How to Build Your Real Estate Portfolio While Balancing a Full-Time Career

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Kevin Bupp, real estate expert and serial entrepreneur, recently invited Brian Burke, President and CEO of Praxis Capital, to be a guest on his podcast to discuss how you can build a real estate portfolio while balancing a full-time career.

Brian shares some of his “secrets” for how we was able to work as a police officer and build his real estate investment portfolio on the side. The primary ingredients of Brian’s “secret” formula are hard work and education.

Brian Discusses:

  • How he was able to build a rental portfolio while working a full-time job
  • The steps he took to self educate himself about real estate investing
  • Why he feels it’s critical to prove your investment concept with your own money before taking investors capital
  • The different fund structures Brian uses for his projects
  • What real estate markets he’s excited about today and why
  • What his crystal ball is telling him about the next few years
  • His lofty goal to underwrite 1 multi-family deal per day with the goal of buying 2-3 deals in 2015

Find out what else Brian has to say about building a real estate portfolio while balancing a full-time career on the podcast.

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