How To Profit From Million Dollar Property Rehabs, No Weekend DIY Hours Required

Between reality TV, and watching celebrities and even local entrepreneurs flip million dollar property deals for big bucks, it can be tempting to try your own hand at it. What are the real pros and cons, and what might be better options? The Appeal of Property Flipping It has become very trendy to flip properties….

The Most Important Metrics To Know When Buying Apartment Buildings

  What are the numbers you need to know the most when investing in an apartment building? There are lots of numbers thrown around in prospectuses and property listings, but what telltale metrics can really help you evaluate an investment property and its potential? 1. Vacancy Rates Before acquiring a property you’ll want to know…

How Technology Is Improving Apartment Building Performance

Ever wondered how technology impacts the multifamily housing market? These are just some of the ways in which new technologies are helping to improve apartment building performance for multifamily investors. 1. Self-Guided Property Tours New self-guided tour apps are enabling prospective residents to tour apartment buildings on their own schedule, without the need for a…

How To Get Your Share Of America’s $485B A Year Rental Business

  Hate missing out on incredible opportunities? America’s rental housing industry is pulling in at least $485B each year. Are you getting your share? Even for Silicon Valley VCs rental housing is a huge and appetizing sector. One that has so far pretty much continued to slip through their fingers. Yes, tech giants like Facebook…

Renter Nation: 6 Reasons A Millennial Home Buying Boom Is A Myth

  This was heralded as another big year of millennials dominating the home buying space. That seems to be yet another myth that just isn’t going to happen. At least for now. The National Association of Realtors among others hyped up the millennial home buying boom a lot. Yet, the data shows it isn’t happening…

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