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Distressed Real Estate Operators Offer A Buffet Of Value 

  More distressed properties are becoming available, and offer great value opportunities for those that have prepared to take advantage of them.  We are at an interesting moment in the market, when inflation has kept rents and prices high, yet, there are also many discount investment opportunities to be had.  Distressed Sales Make A Comeback…

Opportunistic Plays In Today’s Housing Market

Even if you don’t buy into all the hype about how strong and sustainable the US economy is right now, there are fantastic opportunities in the real estate market.  We are seeing more discounts and more negotiability with sellers than have been available in a long time. At the same time, it is true that…

Why You Should Never Go It Alone When Investing In Rental Properties

Rental property investing continues to attract substantial capital and a new generation of investors from tech workers to those worried about their retirement, to billionaires picking up sizable portfolios of rental properties.  There’s a massive industry just focusing on teaching individuals how to become DIY landlords. Yet, this is often the long and expensive detour…

Escaping NY Real Estate? Where To Put Your Capital Now

NY’s massive $400M fine for former president Trump is sending ripples through the investment space. It’s likely to be the last straw for the few remaining investors that have kept their capital in what used to be the financial capital of the world.If you are looking to exit assets there, or have already sold, and…

5 Market Segments That Are Producing Discounted Property Deals Now

This is a great time for well positioned real estate investors to take advantage of better priced real estate assets.  There are several major market segments ripe for harvesting discounted real estate deals, with lots of upside potential.  1. Corporates Big companies have acquired a lot of real estate over the past five to 10…


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