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Recession Fears Are Over: What It Means For Real Estate Investing

JPMorgan Chase is among the latest big bank to join Bank of America and the Fed is reversing the forecast for a recession.  What does it mean for real estate investing? What if they are wrong? How do you invest successfully to navigate the months ahead? The Impact Of New Optimism  New optimism in the…

The Economy Has Already Turned, Time To Adjust Is Fleeting Fast

The latest economic data suggests that inflation is easing. Now, officially down to just 3%. Of course, lagging data means that the economy may already be deep in the hole and diving. Real prices may still well be 30% to 50% higher than they were a couple of years ago. They may just not be…

5 Types Of Real Estate Likely To Perform Well In 2024

  Real estate still looks like the best investment choice on the table.  Done well, it provides the potential for great returns, passive income, much needed tax savings, and tangible capital protection.  Of course, not all real estate is performing the same. Some pockets of the market are still soaring by 40% or more per…

5 Keys To Thriving In An Economic Crisis

While some say the economy and many asset classes are already rebounding, others are wary this is the fake recovery before the real dip.  If we are on the verge of a deep and nasty economic downturn, what are the keys to winning and thriving through it?  If it turns out that we are on…

1 In 6 Americans Think They Need To Come Out Of Retirement

According to new data from a Paychex survey and coverage by USA Today, one out of every six Americans are planning to unretire. That is to come out of retirement and rejoin the workforce.  This is on top of 55% of those that have already recently unretired out of the need for more money.  This…


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