Google Makes New Play For The Real Estate Market

Google’s latest play for the US real estate market appears to pick up from where Zillow left a void. What is the internet giant up to now? What does it mean for investors? Google Still Wants Its Piece Of The Property Market Big tech companies have been looking for ways to profit from the huge…

Multifamily Real Estate: How Layoffs & Hiring Freezes Will Impact The Market

Some of the biggest and wealthiest companies have begun announcing major layoffs and freezes on hiring. How is this likely to impact the investment space, real estate, and the multifamily market? The Economy Is Much More Fragile Than The Media Is Letting On On one hand we have news media outlets and official statistics proclaiming…

6 Essential Moves For Making The Most Of The Market Now

The world is changing. The economy, and various investment markets are changing much faster than many realize. That’s true of real estate too. With this in mind, these are the must make moves for investors right now… 1. Get The Right Managers & Advisors On The Job  It’s just common sense that this is not…

Are We In A New Housing Bubble?

  More questions are being raised about the future outlook of the economy, and now the real estate market. Is a new housing bubble inflating? If so, how do we successfully invest through it? Housing Bubble Vs. Healthy Growth There are those on both sides of this debate.  The Real Estate Bears The Federal Reserve…


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