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How To Survive A Financial Crisis

The media is still trying very hard to convince everyone that the financial system is in great shape. Which is normally a huge red flag on its own.  Meanwhile a new survey covered by Yahoo shows that 70% of Americans feel they are already in a new recession. With 55% saying they fear that they…

The New Banking Meltdown Brings Incredible Deals For Investors

Can you imagine buying the biggest bank in Silicon Valley for just $1.22? That’s effectively what HSBC just did when it bought SVB’s UK business after their recent failure.  In spite of all the efforts to declare things are different this time around it’s looking a lot like the Great Recession 2.0 out there. This…

Behind The Headlines: The Reality Of The Housing Market Now

The media loves throwing up big headlines about business, finance, and the housing market. Though there is a lot more to the stories behind the headlines, and the click bait titles thrown up on the web. So, what is really happening out there? What isn’t being covered or said? Is it another financial apocalypse? If…

Investing: Debt Performance Is Deteriorating Fast

The latest round of bank data shows that loan debt performance is worsening. While markets remain far healthier than anticipated, this is certainly a moment for opportunistic investors to find attractive deals, and value add investors to find better pricing and more upside than they have seen in years. Mortgage Loan Performance Reverses Trend Q4…

Is The Real Estate Correction Already Behind Us?

  According to one major investment bank, the worst of the US real estate correction is already behind us, and the market could soon be on the uptick again.  Is it true? If so, many property owners and businesses will be very happy. Yet, history probably paints a different picture of what’s coming. Many investors…


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