Peak Real Estate Season Is Coming: What It Means For Investors

Peak season for real estate is coming. What does it mean for investors? What can investors expect of the market over the coming months? Is it time to buy, sell and invest? The New Roaring 20s After the Spanish flu pandemic swept America in 1918, the west entered the Roaring 20s. A period of great…

The Future Of Cryptocurrency In Real Estate

What is the future of cryptocurrency in real estate? Crypto has become unignorable. Bang or bust it has proven it will be a big deal. So, should you be accepting bitcoin? What are the dangers? Is the future a whole new type of digital wallet altogether? It’s soaring, but the bears and government keep sounding…

Investing In 2021: Making Sense Of The Current Market

It’s not surprising that many investors are confused by current markets and aren’t sure where the smart places to put their money are. Here’s what you need to know, and how to balance the blind optimism with sound financial decisions. The Icarus Market It seems like many markets are just flying towards the sun with…

5 Trends Investors Should Be Watching Now

  The last 12 months have been a wild ride for investors, with plenty of uncertainty. Now that there seems to be more clarity on where things are headed, these are some of the trending themes for investors to watch and use to find opportunities. Changes In Foreign Investment Flows The UN’s recent trade and…

Investment Strategy: What Is Dollar Cost Averaging?

Are you using dollar cost averaging as a part of your investment strategy? Is this one of the best investment strategies for individual investors and smaller funds to use now? How does it work? What hybrid methods are there? Why is it used by sophisticated investors? Investing Through Uncertainty Hopefully by now, most investors have…

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