The 2021 Outlook For Real Estate Investors

What’s in store for real estate in 2021? What does it mean for investors? The new normal is still evolving. Though with the election mostly out of the way, and residents determined to get back to work to make things happen, there are some pretty clear trends investors can count on over the next 12…

Rental Security Deposits: The Risks Of Cash & Cash Alternatives

Do you know your landlord-tenant laws when it comes to rental security deposits? One little mistake can put a big dent in your real estate profits. Yet, many investors simply don’t know the laws. They can also change frequently, forcing landlords to adapt. Renter Security Deposit Rules Handling renter security deposits is not something you…

Investing: A Lesson In Operating In Uncertain Times

2020 has been a testament to just how uncertain things can be. The big question is, how do you manage your finances and investments in uncertain times? Uncertainty & Your Finances No matter how chaotic and uncertain life gets, it is important to watch your finances. Perhaps even more so when things seem less certain,…

Hot Trends Vs. Hard Data: Making Sense Of Real Estate Markets

What are the keys to making smart real estate investment decisions today? We’ve got more data and technology than ever before. How is it helping and hurting individuals who want to invest in real estate? How do you see beyond the hype to make sound investments that really perform and meet your goals? Real Estate…

Understanding The Current Rental Property Investment Opportunity

  With so much chaos out there, why are so many experienced investors still so bullish on investing in income producing rental property? What do they get about the market and what’s next that many outsiders are missing? The wealthy have grown their positions with over 30% gains this year. Many have been doubling down…

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