Building Wealth and Passive Income with Rental Properties


Brian Burke, President and CEO of Praxis Capital was recently featured as a guest alongside two other guests, Ben Leybovich and Serge Shukhat for a roundtable discussion about using real estate to build wealth and passive income on the Bigger Pockets Podcast.

The three investors featured in this exciting episode have vastly different business models, but all three use rental properties to build wealth and passive income.

You won’t want to miss this exciting discussion, which at times turned into a debate, if you are interested in making rental properties a part of your investment strategy.

Brian Discusses:

  • Where the rental market is headed.
  • Planning for appreciation. (This is where the debate comes into play!)
  • The common mistakes made by new investors.
  • Overcoming challenges in today’s market.
  • Is it too late for newbies to buy rental properties?
  • Each panelist shares their single best tip for new property investors.

To find out the answer to these questions and more, please listen to the Bigger Pockets Podcast roundtable session featuring Brian.

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