Is There A Vaccine For Your Investment Portfolio?

    How can you vaccinate your investment portfolio or retirement fund from disasters? The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic may be fading fast. Yet, it seems likely that we’ll experience a lagging recession, and some damage to underlying economic fundamentals. Stocks may have fought hard to avoid deep cuts so far. Some bailout…

Riots Add Fire To Shift In Real Estate Opportunities

America may have never seen protests, riots, and looting on this scale and this widespread. How is it adding more fuel to recent shifts in real estate for investors? The Perfect Storm? Some opportunistic investors may have been disappointed that COVID-19 hadn’t yet cratered the property market and brought 2008 prices and acquisition terms back….

Investing Through The Pandemic

Don’t panic. Do take action to protect your finances, and keep improving your position. The past few days may have been occupied with stocking up on food and other essentials, as well as adjusting to the new reality of life for the next few months. Now there is no time to waste to get your…

The Coronavirus For Property Investors: Stay Safe, Protect Performance

Are you prepared for the coronavirus? Chances are that the coronavirus is already in your state and city. Panicking isn’t productive. Though it is only the intelligent thing to do to be prepared. This is specifically true for property investors, landlords and their asset managers. Do not underestimate the threats to business continuity and returns….

The 8 Most Important Factors In Flipping An Apartment Building

Buying and selling apartment buildings can be incredibly profitable. What factors are the most important for a speedy and profitable turn around? 1. Property Performance General property and cash flow performance is probably the biggest factor. It will greatly impact the value and how your end buyer can structure the deal. If you’ve entered a…

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