Cashing Out Stock Options: Where To Put Your Wealth Now

Have stocks to cash out? What do you do with that money now? There appears to be a substantial if not record number of startup founders and workers who are enjoying massive wealth creation in either exiting their companies or accumulated value in stock options in the face of an anticipated acquisition or IPO. The…

Opportunistic vs. Value Add vs. Core Property Investments

What’s your real estate investment strategy?  Core, value add and opportunistic are all terms that refer to real estate investing strategies. It’s smart to know how they differ and the role they can play in your portfolio, to make sure you are investing with the right team.  How do they differ? What are their pros…

A Quick Guide To Property Classes: Which Are Right For Your Portfolio?

Which classes of property are right for your investment portfolio? If you’ve started digging into potential real estate investments, you may have come across terms like Class A, B & C properties. What do they mean? Which are best? Properties, and often locations are graded by professional investors. Typically, this runs on a scale from…

Why Google & Stanford Are Investing So Much In Real Estate

Why are our biggest tech companies and elite universities investing so much in real estate today? Google just announced it is investing $1B in Bay Area housing. That comes on top of several years of major schools diverting much of their asset allocation to real estate. What are they doing? What’s driving them? What does…

How To Profit From Million Dollar Property Rehabs, No Weekend DIY Hours Required

Between reality TV, and watching celebrities and even local entrepreneurs flip million dollar property deals for big bucks, it can be tempting to try your own hand at it. What are the real pros and cons, and what might be better options? The Appeal of Property Flipping It has become very trendy to flip properties….

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