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Real Estate Bears, Corrections & Opportunities

The media may finally be getting on the bandwagon, and is turning bearish on housing, after being unable to deny the changing tide any longer.  So, how much should investors and property owners fear a more bearish market? What don’t the bears understand about the dynamics and fundamentals of the real estate market, and this…

5 Factors Influencing Housing Prices As We Move Into 2023

There are a variety of factors influencing housing prices as we approach 2023. What are they? How much might they move values? What is important for investors looking to avoid unnecessary risk, and benefit from the upside potential? 1. DOM Days on market is one of the core barometers of housing market health. It is…

Both Positive & Negative Equity Grow In US Housing Market 

  Inflation and monetary policy continue to split the economy, individual finances, and the US housing market.  This is perhaps most notably showing up with both positive home equity, and negative equity growing at the same time.  So, where is the money being made? Where is it being drained from?  California & Florida Top States…

Real Estate Contract Cancellations Hit Two Year High

Home sales contracts are being canceled at the fastest pace in two years. What does that mean for real estate investors? Home Sales Contract Cancellations We are at a very interesting time in the economy and real estate market. On one hand many individuals are more flush with cash and wealth than ever before. They…


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