Why Experienced Investors Are Making Their Money Moves Before The Election

Smart investors are making their money moves before the presidential election. Here’s why and some of the ripe, opportunistic, and value add investments they are looking at. Action Takers Vs. Procrastinators While the experienced few are confidently and actively investing, the inexperienced and novice individual investors and funds are sitting on the sidelines. One of…

California Boosting National Real Estate Returns

You can thank California for boosting the nation’s real estate returns. More and more investors, businesses, and individuals are looking outside of The Golden State. That is turning out to be a great thing for the national economy, and is helping West Coast residents and ex-pat Californians bolster their finances amidst the recession. The Exodus…

Banks Incredibly Bullish On Real Estate & Mortgage Debt

The big banks remain some of the most bullish on brick and mortar real estate and mortgage debt investments. They continue to be highly active in this sector. What’s driving it? What does it mean for other investors? Billion Dollar Bulls America’s biggest banks are trading tens of billions of dollars of real estate assets….

Seattle’s Biggest Tech Landlord Cashing Out Of Stock Market

Amazon soared to become Seattle’s largest and most infamous landlord a few years ago. Now the company’s founder seems to be cashing out of the stock market. Where is he putting his money now? Selling Billions Jeff Bezos is soon expected to become the world’s first trillionaire in modern history. That’s if a newly proposed…

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