Real Estate Contract Cancellations Hit Two Year High

Home sales contracts are being canceled at the fastest pace in two years. What does that mean for real estate investors? Home Sales Contract Cancellations We are at a very interesting time in the economy and real estate market. On one hand many individuals are more flush with cash and wealth than ever before. They…

Essential Money Moves As Economy Braces For A Hard Landing

A hard landing now seems inevitable for the economy. Here are the must make moves everyone needs to be making now, if they want to survive what’s coming… Fed Chairman Powell just finally admitted a soft landing may not be pulled off. Of course, when you turn off the engines, and rip the wings off…

Alternative Investments: Where Are The Deals Now?

Where are the best places to invest your money now? There are many places you may want to put your money. Yet, as the economy changes so rapidly, many are stuck wondering what to do with their capital, how to protect wealth and ensure that they have some income to get through the years ahead. …


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