How to Lower Vacancies in Multifamily Residential Property

Or if you’re a glass-half-full person, How to Increase Occupancy in Multifamily Residential Property. You know how every folk axiom has an inverse? For instance, “The pen is mightier than the sword”/”Actions speak louder than words”. Or “Haste makes waste”/”He who hesitates is lost.” There’s one proverb that doesn’t. A stitch in time saves nine….

Making Our Communities Part of the Community

Is it possible to build wealth while keeping one’s moral compass pointed in the right direction? At Praxis Capital we certainly hope so, otherwise we wouldn’t be in business. Doing well and doing good need not be mutually exclusive. Recognizing that has become part of how prosperous businesses conduct their operations, leaving their purely mercenary…

The Multifamily Cycle – Where Are We Now?

Calling it a real estate “cycle” implies some degree of regularity, incorporating well-defined rises followed by predictable falls of similar magnitude and duration. But any investor, homebuyer, seller, or even renter knows that that isn’t even close to true. Real estate prices move in measurable but barely predictable ways, much like the prices of any…

Is it Worth it to Invest in a Multifamily Fixer-Upper?

Maybe you’re one of those enterprising people who’s taken a barely habitable single-family dwelling, incorporated raw materials, lubricated them with elbow grease, and turned that house into a palace that tenants are lining up to rent – a specimen worthy of an Architectural Digest feature. Turning a fixer-upper into a showpiece is rewarding, and not…

How to Plan Ahead for Vacancies and Unpaid Rents on Multifamily Property

It’s the last word a multifamily property owner wants to hear, even after “fire”. (You can insure against that.) “Turnover”. Recruiting new tenants, especially to replace old ones, is among the most daunting tasks a landlord can have. In fact, turnover is often the single largest determinant of how much effort a rental property owner…

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