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The Two Most Critical Parts Of Profitably Investing In Real Estate

What really makes the difference in profitable real estate investments versus those that fail to live up to their expectations? It’s really about the difference between opportunities and execution.  Potential doesn’t mean much if the execution is fumbled.  We hear a lot about real estate being about location, or timing the markets, or more data….

New Legal Ruling Could Completely Change Dynamics Of The US Real Estate Market

A new legal verdict has the potential to significantly change the way the US real estate industry works. $1.8B was recently awarded in damages after a court found that the National Association of Realtors has been illegally colluding to keep real estate commissions elevated.  Will this be the end of NAR? How could it disrupt…

The US Real Estate Market Outlook For 2024

What’s ahead for the US real estate market in 2024? There are a variety of influencing factors guiding the economy and US property market. What are they? What outcomes and opportunities can we expect those to lead to over the next year? Factors Affecting The Markets In 2024 Among the many factors at play in…

Investing: How To Win By Shorting Trends In AI

The AI revolution is likely to be at least as impactful as the industrial revolution. Yet, we’ve all experienced some of the ways in which it is not perfect yet. Or have doubted the success of some applications.  The shift to and takeover of artificial intelligence seems unstoppable. Too many parties have such a large…

The Must Have Investments For Today’s Tech Workers

  High income earning tech workers have enjoyed a great ride over the past few years. Tech talent has been in high demand, startup valuations have soared, and workplace perks and benefits have provided a very comfortable lifestyle.  However, all that could be about to change for many workers.  Ensuring you have your money in…


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