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Massive Money Shifts Creating Opportunity For Real Estate Investors

While bank economists and other pundits in the news can’t decide on which direction the economy is going, and seem to change their minds daily, the doors are being thrown wide open for opportunistic real estate investors.  Whether manufactured or real, the flip flopping of the economy and forecasts are kicking up enormous clouds of…

IRA Balances Plunge 25% Due To Poor Diversification

The latest data shows that retirement account balances are beginning a deep nose dive. Here’s what not to do if you are tired of seeing your retirement vaporized. As well as what you can do to enjoy a brighter financial outlook.  Retirement Savings Accounts Are Being Destroyed According to the latest report from Fidelity, IRA…

It’s Time To Restructure Your Asset Allocation

There are big shifts happening under the surface out there. It is high time investors rapidly restructure their portfolios, and revisit their asset allocation, if they haven’t already.  While some things have clearly changed in the past few months, the underlying currents and shifts in the tectonic plates of the economy are making some form…

Record Number Of Homeowners Give Up Trying To Sell Their Homes

  The latest data shows that a new record high number of home sellers are pulling their listings off the market.  What will it mean for the state and direction of the real estate market? What are the best investment strategies in this phase of the cycle? 24% Of Home Sellers Delist Their Properties  New…

Crypto Collapse Is Great News For Real Estate Investors

The new great crypto collapse looks like great news for real estate investors.  While it is always sad to see good individuals duped into losing money in scams and poor investments, those who have wisely been disciplined to put their capital into real estate should be very happy right now.  The New Crypto Ice Age…


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